Tom Bellamy is the producer, songwriter and guitarist for the band Losers and the former guitarist and multi-instrumentalist of The Cooper Temple Cl...View Details

Caution: This episode discusses experiences with chemotherapy and the emotional effect of PTSD post recovery. Brandon is very open and explicit about ...View Details

Interlude: are we 4 Real?

The rock n roll romance. Sex, drugs, rock n roll. A common thread running through a rock star's narrative is emphasis on the drugs, the mayhem, the ma...View Details

In this epsiode, I visit a high-security psychiatric hospital in London to talk to a music therapist Phil Clarke about how music therapy works for peo...View Details

In this episode, I speak to psychotherapist John Bassett from MITC (Music Industry Therapist Collective). All therapists in MITC began with fruitful c...View Details

In this episode, drummer Paul Costello of Primitive Machine explains what it's like to be a blind musician and we discuss the added dynamic of being i...View Details